How To Study Maths For Class 10?

Maths is considered as a difficult subject by many students and easy for few. It is very important to develop an interest in maths from the beginning as it is considered one of the most important subjects. Apart from being the subject in which you can score full marks, it is also one of the most engaging subjects for students. It is used in our everyday life too. As you start studying maths from preschool, you should be thorough with most of the mathematical concepts by the time you reach class 10. Students appear for their first board exam in class 10, so proper preparation is required for the same.

Let’s see how you can study maths effectively for your board exams.

Make a time table

The first task you should do is to make a study timetable. It will help you to be sorted and avoid confusion. You can divide the mathematical topics by their difficulty level. For example, if you find real numbers difficult, you can make sure that you study it every day. You can solve 5 questions on the same in the last 15 minutes of your set timetable.


Practice makes a man perfect. This is especially true for Maths. You should practice the problems many times to understand the concept better. Topics like odd numbers and geometry need a lot of practice and revision. The more you practice these topics, the more confident you’ll be in solving it during exams. Practising these topics, formulas, and problems will help you in solving any type of question on these topics.


Now that you are practising all the mathematical topics and studying according to the time table prepared, the next step shall be to Revise it. After practising all the topics, you need to revise it from time to time. Revision will help you in remembering all the concepts perfectly. Make sure to solve the problems once again instead of just reading it. This will help you in memorising it better.

Make notes and Charts

Making notes and charts of all the important tables and formulas will come in handy during the exam. If you feel busy at the last moment to open the textbook, you can just revise the important formulas and NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Maths. Make sure you make these notes colorful and attractive as it will help you remember it better.


Apart from the above important points, also keep taking breaks and do not sit for long hours while studying. Eating healthy food is important as well. If you feel bored of studying maths, you can always join your friends for group studies and study from different resources.

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