Applications of Maths in Various Fields

Mathematics is a subject where we study theories, logics and various types of methods. Have you ever thought about how these principles and techniques are useful in multiple fields? Why do we require to learn and practise problems based on different concepts? Or what is the necessity to learn about the horizontal and vertical line? Let us explore here some of the essential concepts, which are employed in real-life positions in different types of fields such as medical, engineering, finance, etc.

Speed and Distance

The concept of speed and distance is used majorly in travel sectors. The speed of a train, bus or aeroplane is deduced based on the distance travelled by it in a given period. The rate of these vehicles is maintained based on the formula.


Perfect Earth is the ideal shape for reducing the pull of gravity on its outer edges. A sphere although radial force from its spin makes it an oblate spheroid, grounded at top and bottom. Geometry is the branch of Maths that explains such shapes.


The concept of statistics is used for future predictions. Such as in the field of business, weather forecasting, sports, etc.

2D and 3D Dimensions

MRI scanners can create 3-dimensional pictures of the body of humans by taking innumerable 2-dimensional “pictures” from many directions. The method of improving the original 3-dimensional model using these snaps is called tomography, which is not possible without advanced mathematics, such as Radon Transforms.

Combination and Permutation

The arrangements of a group irrespective of their orders are defined by combination. So this theory is used for grouping players, objects, etc. for a particular place. Whereas to arrange them in a definite order, we use principles of permutation.

Profit and Loss

In business, we usually use the techniques to find the percentage of profit and loss, such as:

Profit% = (Selling Price – Cost Price)/Cost Price x 100

Loss% = (Cost Price – Selling Price)/Cost Price x 100

These stipulations help a trader to check how the sales go in a day or month.

Similarly, there are several fundamentals in Maths, used in various sectors of the real-world.

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